“La máquina que anda”

“The machine that goes”

Interactive installation and performance.

Plaza Juan Carlos I, Palma de Mallorca. November, 2000.


“Create a piece that inteacts with the public through obsolete but endearing technology, an old typewriter that still “walks”, that is, it works.”

-installation of a device to log messages to the world by the public in the center of Palma de Mallorca.

-recycled objects use.

-a performance is done as an opening, using manual and power tools to get their own audiovisual effects as in a workshop.

The machine:

-a 60′s typewriter , with lid.

-a roll of paper on which was written and was being picked up by another, moved by a special mechanism.

-a metallic tripod made on purpose with remains of a portal, bolted to the sidewalk.

-an old umbrella screwed to the tripod.

-a wooden box where three other typewriters were stacked.

The performance:

-three operators.

-a van.

-an electric motor-generator.

-a fume extraction turbine with inner light and a cloth sleeve. This apparatus was also constructed based on found objects.

-manual angle grinder, percussive driller, drills, hammers and maces.

-metal scraps and wood pieces.

-light projectors mounted on musical battery tripods.


Invited by the group of artists, “Per amor a l’art” (learn more), which carried a show around the town of Palma, we perform an installation in a central traditional promenade, so prepare for an active opening.

We landed in a van with all kinds of tools, lights, a generator to a lit the tools, lights and a special visual effect turbine.

We began to install the piece with three screws to the floor.

Lights, sparks, noise, vibrations and rumblings: an assembly called the attention of passersby with different actions as machine tools were used in a playful way.

After the action, people became interested in “the machine” and along two weeks the most diverse messages were left to posterity.

A photo essay was made and someday will be published as well as with all messages received.

Therefore we intend to repeat that action and experience but with new technology.

All material used for the construction of “the machine” was found and recycled.

Conclusion and comments:

The reaction from people was amazing, both during the performance and during the weeks it was exposed.

The same happened with the Press, which was also surprised and transmitted it.

The basic unit will be exposed intermittently in different bars and showrooms.

With found objects we can do much more than it seems.

A phrase of those received: “How awful! Have-not ENTER!

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